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See what my clients have to say!

“My family and I have been blessed to have Dana West as our dog walker for our three beloved rescue dogs (a Sheppard/Rottie mix, a Pit Bull, and a Boxer/Chow/Sheppard mix) for over 12 years. Dana has become like family to us. She has cared for and treated our fur babies, like her own. Our girls (dogs) loved Dana and viewed her as their second Mom. And this is priceless.

We have entrusted Dana to stay at our home with our dogs while we were away, take them to the vet on multiple occasions, give them their medications, take them on walks and to the trails and drive them in our automobile.

Dana is a responsible, reliable, trustworthy, kind, animal loving, conscientious and hard working person whom I would highly recommend.”

- Cheryl E.

“Dana has been a tremendous help to us. We consider her part of the family ... and we better or our husky Murphy might run away with her! Dana is kind, conscientious, and caring. She is trustworthy and very flexible when there is an urgent need for house and pet sitting. We highly recommend Dana as your pet sitter of choice, either for your recurring permanent sitting requirements or simply for date night out on the town or out of town!”

- Kevin B.

“Over ten years, Dana has cared for four of my dogs, three from puppyhood into adulthood, walking and feeding them when I'm working, pet/housesitting when I travel. They know her by name and will run to the door if I say she is coming. She has taken care of my dog with a vet emergency when I was on vacation, can handle normal and unusual events. You'll find her lovely, reliable, able to relate to your pet's personality, administer medicines, and keep an eye on your house.”

- Kathryn W.

“I've been working with Dana for 7 years and I can't say enough good things about her. I've tried several dog walking/pet sitting services, but none compare to Dana. Our German shepherd has severe separation anxiety and can also be aggressive. Dana is the only person who's been able to care for him. She's reliable and trustworthy, and it's comforting to know that my beloved furry child is being cared for in the best possible way. Dana is the best, hands down.”

- Linda B.

“I have used Dana exclusively for ten years to care for my cats, and I have found her service to be exceptional. She is reliable, thoughtful and goes for the extra mile, even helping on very short notice in an emergency. I know I can count on her, and I can't recommend her highly enough.”

- Susan S.

“Dana has been a member of my dog family for over four years now. When she started, we had two standard poodles: one who was very old and the other a very energetic puppy. Over those three years, my older dog came to the end of his life, and Dana was there, crying with us and making sure that his final days were filled with love and compassion. The love and compassion was also extended to the human members of our family.

As for the puppy, she had a very serious autoimmune disease that required hospitalization and long-term treatment. For the past two years, she has been in complete remission, off all medications and a very athletic and effusive girl. Dana hung in with her along the way, supporting us when she was ill, and helping to nurse her back to the healthy, happy, bossy poodle that she is today. My poodle cannot wait for Dana to arrive, hugging her, listening for her car as she pulls into the driveway. I trust Dana with my dogs, my family and all that is important to me.”

- Andrea D.

“Dana is an excellent pet and house sitter. We have been using her for years now. Not only is she prompt, hard-working and friendly but she truly cares about her clients — both two-footed and four-footed. We recommend her whole-heartedly!”

- Mary B.

“I struggle to find words to express how much my dogs and family love Dana. She has been there for us through good and challenging times, and always puts our needs first. She is a second mom to our dogs. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

- Gloria J.

“Dana is the very best pet sitter! She has cared for three of my dogs over many years. She is loving and kind, and I know my fur children are in the very best hands with Dana. They can’t wait for her visits! You will be so happy with her care - she is the best!”

- Donna C.

“Dana is so wonderful! I have trusted her with my beloved pets and as my house sitter for years! She is always reliable, trustworthy, responsible, and most importantly, loving to my cats and dogs. I vacation fairly frequently but never worry when Dana is on duty! She's a godsend!”

- Stephanie W.

“Our family is very lucky to have met Dana; she is a lifesaver in so many ways. Our twelve-year-old dog, Hughie, loves their walks together. Rain or shine, he gets his energy out. She cares for both his health and emotional well-being. Dana also helps us while we are away from home by watering plants, collecting mail and checking on the house. Dana is reliable, kind, warm and trustworthy. My whole family just adores her!”

- Tory G.

“Dana is very caring so looked after my Bella for 10 years. She treated her like a princess bringing her some special treats and her favorite lots of belly rubs. I would highly recommend Dana.”

- Laurie M.